Document Connection for “Electronic Document”

Optimize the business value of documents exchanged
in high-volume, recurring transactions.


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Powerful print driver technology creates real CONNECTION – to capture and distribute critical documents and data across the business, and then manage the flow of those transactions, regardless of the input source.

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  • Centralized solution
  • Manage all document rules at a corporate level
  • High-quality capture and document integrity
  • Automatically recognize, modify, extract, and classify transactional documents and embedded data on high-volume forms
  • Powerful and friendly workflow and form designer
  • Form overlays for repurposing document content
  • Barcode generation technology
  • Centralize definition and recognition of transactional packages
  • Immediate integration tool
  • Reduce the risk of having your document sources, types, and formats NOT compatible with downstream systems and processes
  • Efficient distribution flow
  • Repurpose data trapped in insulated electronic business systems and forms to multiple downstream destinations

Connection Challenges for Electronic Documents

High-volume, system-generated and exchanged documents were supposed to provide seamless, fully automated transaction management.

What happened?

Challenges at Input

Many document sources, types, and formats are NOT compatible with downstream systems and processes.

Limited downstream reusability of the electronic document data based on Source, Type, or Format.

Inputs such as ERP systems, operating systems, print servers, and web applications are electronic, but often prevent reuse, such as print, reformatting, and sending to different workflow systems.

Typically, a high-volume, document with new data on each transaction. The form or document is static, but the data on every document is dynamic.

Not all system generated or received transactional documents are in a format to share with other systems in the rest of the transaction workflow.

Challenges for Capturing

Inability to truly capture document content.

Time and Money. Inefficient use of resources to process transactional documents.

Inability to recognize, extract, or classify document content limits capture in a reusable format.

Inefficient document capture costs companies millions of dollars in unseen waste relating to data re-entry time, operational errors, and document storage and retrieval.

The higher the volume of transactions, the more document capture restricts scalability and growth of the business.

Challenges for Distribution

Unable to print, send, reformat, save, process, or store the data on transactional documents.

Need to repurpose or reformat the document or data associated with the transaction for multiple downstream business purposes.

Many documents are not in an appropriate format for print and other device outputs.

Many electronic data streams are incompatible for operational use cases (ex., an Invoice from the accounting system that cannot be used to generate a Bill of Lading in a shipping system).

Challenges for Managing

Inability to track and audit transactional use and compliance.

When an electronic document is not CONNECTED, it is difficult to manage high volume transactions that occur in electronic systems that require downstream manipulation or rework.

Challenges in auditing overall transaction compliance, including the operational volume and compliance with procedures and regulatory requirements.

Challenges in tracking the operational volume and cost accounting relating to transactions.

SysConnect Solutions for Electronic Documents

Powerful print driver technology creates real CONNECTION – to capture and distribute critical documents and data across the business, and then manage the flow of those transactions, regardless of the input source.

Solutions at Input

Maximize compatible input sources without programming custom interfaces.

Repurpose data from ERPs, Print and Scan Servers, Operating and LOB Systems, and Web Applications.

Solutions for Capturing

Automatically Recognize, Extract, and Classify transactional documents and embedded data.

Industry leading capability to capture data formats.

High quality capture and document integrity.

Solutions for Distribution

Variable Data Print Send to ECM, Print, Email, Fax, File Sharing

Workflow designer

File conversion

Outbound form designer

Solutions for Managing

Document Tracker

System health monitor

Activity monitor


System-to-system variable data printing (SysConnect) has had significant tangible impacts for thousands of companies around the world. Check out a
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