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FabSoft partners with exceptional document automation dealers and complementary technology companies to improve document connection solutions for small, medium, large, and global businesses.

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FabConnect Suite - Empowering businesses with reliable connections for their transactional documents

Capture and leverage system generated, recurring transactional documents.

Electronic Document

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of document transactions for users at their desks

Soft Document

Best total cost print and scan software solutions. Secure pull print, e-fax, file sharing, etc.

Hard Document

The FabConnect suite creates “connection” by leveraging our exceptional print driver technology, which is easy to deploy, easy to adopt, and creates an exceptionally high-quality product for digital transformation. Each FabConnect suite product is fully integrated with the other and is built to connect and expand the existing document management infrastructure. Create new solutions and increase the value of your customers’ document management systems with the FabConnect Suite of software

Our aim is to make it easy for our Partners to actively and regularly sell and deliver FabConnect solutions to your customers.

Easy to Sell

Easy to Implement

Easy to Support

What types of partners benefit from working with FabSoft?

Multi Function Device (MFD) manufacturers have connected the world’s largest enterprise companies by leveraging the superior capture and distribution capabilities of the FabConnect suite.
Traditional office automation dealers are facing decreasing demand for devices and increasing demand for digital solutions. Some companies offer a function for one document source type. Others have a suite, but it is very expensive. FabSoft delivers practical and affordable solutions that solve today’s problems and make our dealers heroes for implementing long-term solutions.
Electronic Content Management (ECM) solutions are a core business asset for many of today’s most successful businesses. However, they still depend on timely and accurate inputs from external and internal business partners. FabSoft helps our ECM partners capture and distribute the documents they need to assure exceptional use and ROI from these systems.

Are you interested in becoming a FabSoft partner?

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Partnership Program Benefits

What do you get when you join our partnership program?

A solution for each document source: Electronic, Soft, and Hard Documents

Tiered partnership discounts and sales incentives

Product and sales orientation and training

Exceptional product support

Sales support tools and events

Implementation support tools and events

Helping Hands

How FabSoft helps the Dealer's business

3 main guiding principles have been envisioned when creating FabConnect Suite:

Easy to Sell

Easy to Install and Configure

Easy to Support

And you get access to our exclusive Partner Portal, which is full of useful tools and information that will help you every step of the way! The FabSoft Partner Portal is your resource for configuring solutions for each customer. Use the Partner Portal to compare features, purchase licenses, view your orders, download licenses, access support information, track support requests, and view customer usage analytics.

How have our clients improved their business using FabSoft?

MFP has been transformed into a robust enterprise fax system with “walk-up” convenience in which employees can scan and fax documents in a matter of seconds.
Sorting, processing and e-mailing are handled by SysConnect, unattended by the user. Using a conservative estimate, the total process is reduced to 5 to 10 minutes in duration. The cost of labor is reduced by more than 90%.
SysConnect was able to make a seamless connection between UAC’s JD Edwards system, Archive, and networked printers. The solution also enhanced the look of UAC’s documents, replacing its existing pre-printed forms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does FabSoft support dealers during the sales process?

At FabSoft, we believe it is our responsibility to make it easy for our partners to sell our software. We want it to be easy for your organization to design solutions and demonstrate value for your customers. We provide sales training at the beginning of our partnership and regular product and positioning sessions throughout the year. Your sales team will always have access to helpful marketing brochures and videos. We work with your sales team to make sure they are able to deliver effective product demonstrations and we’re always available to work up the best options with your solution engineers.

Could FabSoft provide us a not-for-resale (NFR) license?

Yes! FabSoft wants you to be very familiar with our products. We believe the more you use the FabConnect suite, the better your sales executives, account executives, and solution engineers will appreciate the unique benefits and advantages of each product. Register in the portal and you will be able to download a free NFR license for each product.

Does FabSoft offer any sales incentive programs?

Yes, FabSoft will work with you to design a mutually beneficial sales incentive program to increase sales volumes and revenues. We will work with you to address issues such as lead generation, rapid opportunity qualification, and solution identification with your existing customer base.

What training does FabSoft provide to your partners?

FabSoft provides training tailored to needs of technical engineers, solution architects, customer support, sales engineers, account managers, and sales professionals. Technical training focuses on product features and functionality, product implementation and configuration, technical integrations and interfaces, and technical support. Sales training is oriented on features and benefits, positioning and differentiation, identifying the document management problems and gaps of a customer, and demonstrating the products.

What type of customer support does FabSoft offer?

Generally, FabSoft provides Level 3, engineer-to-engineer, break-fix support between FabSoft and our partners. Our partners typically provide the Level 2 support to their customers. When partners are not equipped or staffed to provide Level 2 support, they can contract with FabSoft to provide this service. FabSoft does not provide Level 1, first line end user support. FabSoft’s customer support agreement provides detailed information about the support process, including support categories, support request tracking, and SLAs. On those occasions when partners are faced with issues that do not qualify as a supportable technical incident, but still require help, FabSoft offers professional services at reasonable and discounted fees.

Does FabSoft require or expect exclusivity in one or more software category?

Absolutely not! FabSoft recognizes that most of our partners will have relationships with multiple vendors in order to meet and support the varying needs of their customers. Because of our unique capabilities across electronic document, soft document, and hard document document types, we can support multiple needs for your customers, or simply fill the gaps that create better connection in their document management infrastructure.

We’re just getting to know FabSoft. We’re reluctant to expose a lot of information about our customer relationships, sales team, vendor relationships, etc. Why should we trust FabSoft?

First of all, FabSoft has been in business since 1992. We have earned a great reputation as a partner because we respect our partners, including those who may have committed to other directions and solutions. Second, we don’t want you to merely take our word for it. Our partnership agreement with you will assure that we will not contact your customers unless it is at your direction, we will never poach your sales team, and we will commit to protect your pricing and other confidential information in a mutual non-disclosure agreement. Trust is critical to a partnership, and we take it very seriously.

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