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The Fab-Connect Suite

assures true connection for transactional documents across electronic copy, soft copy, and hard copy formats for businesses of every size.

Version 16:

Rebranding as FabConnect

In 2020, FabSoft launched version 16 of our software.  In this launch, we rebranded our software suite to focus on the need for Document Connection.

For those looking for Reform VDP, this is now SysConnect.
MOST, or any of our Scan or Pull Print technology is now MFDConnect.

Capture, Distribute, …Connect

Businesses need a tool that connects their transactional documents and data, whether generated, processed, or distributed in Electronic Copy, Soft Copy, or Hard Copy. The FabConnect suite captures documents and data from the full spectrum of sources and distributes them for use in your business.

  • Virtual document processing to capture, enhance, and route frequently recurring and changing transactional forms, documents, and data.
  • Centralized printing, distribution, and storage of system-to-system “Electronic Copy” data and documents.
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Formerly known as Reform VDP
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We are often asked the difference between SysConnect and DeskConnect. These technologies perform very similar functions by automating capture and distribution of recurring transactional documents. However, there is a real difference in the use case for each, generally relating to the source of the documents and the destination of contents.

When content for documents originates from a centralized business system, like a billing system or an ERP, SysConnect helps by unlocking the document for multiple downstream, though well-defined purposes.

Other transactions are sent to a department or individual who interacts with many variations of a similar document. They will benefit from automating the capture and distribution of the document, but often expect to amend the document and data. They won’t use centralized technology resources to hard code that automation. In those cases, DeskConnect provides more flexibility for differences in document formats and downstream uses.

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  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of how staff process “Soft Copy” documents delivered to users at their desk.
  • Automated document recognition, data capture, classification, and routing to workflows, transactional systems, and storage.
  • Hard copy, paper documents are scanned to Document Management Software.
  • Turn those documents into valuable transactional data.
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Formerly known as MOST
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