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Administrators for the Professions of Delaware, or AFPD, provide insurance companies marketing, underwriting, billing, collections, and data processing services. Thousands of forms are directly processed from their UNIX system daily, including client policies and insurance quotes. AFPD was printing these forms on multipart, pre-printed paper using dot matrix printers and the costs were extremely high.

AFPD needed a safe and efficient method for archiving documents from two different workflows:  one generated from UNIX and the other from scanned insurance policies. Previously, these documents were manually stored in file cabinets, which was unreliable and time-consuming.

Administrators For The Professions of Delaware Implemented Solutions

To replace both multi-part forms and pre-printed forms, AFPD went with FabSoft’s SysConnect, which recreated their insurance policy forms and quotes using the built-in SysConnect Designer. It replicated all AFPD’s multipart forms and converted them into an electronic format for easy customization when demands change. When a form is printed from the UNIX system, SysConnect will capture the print stream, overlay the data onto the newly created forms, and print to a high-speed color printer or MFP. With this process, multipart forms, pre-printed forms, and dot matrix printers are no longer necessary.

Another issue that AFPD was facing was the need to archive documents more efficiently. SysConnect can automatically route documents to any significant archive system using index fields. When a document is sent from UNIX, it will capture the print stream, extract the text, and index it accordingly to the archive system. If the document needs to be referenced in the future, AFPD can use the index information to perform keyword searches to retrieve the document.

Along with SysConnect, AFPD wanted the ability to scan documents and automatically route the documents to their archive system. With FabSoft’s Tag Doc solution, they were able to do just that with its ability to tag documents with a proprietary barcode for scanning. Cover pages are now tagged with the Tag Doc barcode, which associates all of the text within an insurance policy. Then, the insurance policy is distributed to various clients to be signed and sent back to the main AFPD office. The insurance policy is returned to the correct owner during this process, but it is automatically archived in AFPD’s digital archive system when scanned. This document workflow has successfully scanned and archived over 4,000 signed policies without a single failure.

SysConnect and Tag Doc combination provides AFPD with an automated document workflow that reduces printing costs, increases productivity, and manages documents efficiently.

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